Wednesday, February 13, 2008

swiss replica watches FAQ

1.Why purchase a Replica watch?
There are many answers to this question. Most people would buy a replica because they want to look good, but simply cannot afford to spend a lot on a watch. Other people already have a real watch but want to purchase something identical so they can wear it without having to worry about it being damaged or lost. Some just simply are collectors who want to have a wide variety of watches to display.
2.How to return the product?
If you dissatisfied with our product you can return with no reason. Please contact with us in ten days, and send back the product with the entire packing in time. When we receive your returns, we will deal with the procedure of refundment or changing a new one immediately.
3.How to deal with if your watch is broken?
About the knowledge of the watch’s maintenance, please read carefully in the website wristwatchreplica. If it is broken not because of the person’s reason, for example, the watch itself has some deformities or its functions disagree with its descriptions, we will exchange it for free. If the watch is broken by person, for example, hitting, chemistry corroding and so on, it should be maintained with certain fares or changing a new one.
4.How soon shall I receive the watches?
Wristwatch replica supports many sorts of logistics, such as DHL, UPS, FedEx and EMS etc. Purchases will be delivered to you in 5 to 7 days when you submit the purchase orders please inform us of the company you have chosen and the transportation means. We will offer you the logistic serve according to you. When you receive the purchases we hope that you can get in touch with us and we can gain the feedbacks in order that we can improve in the future.
5.Any differences between replica watch and original watch?Both appearance are same. But replica watch has two kinds of cores, one is mechanical core made in Japan, which is different from original watch in functionality. Timing function is not available with watch with such mechanical core. The other is ETA mechanical core made in Sweden, which is manually polished. The first ETA core came in 1793 and had been used in various of kinds of OMEGA and ROLEX watches. It is the leading product in replica watch level, but its price is higher than the one made in Japan. Wish you choose the suitable watch to meet your needs.
6.Why choose mechanical traverse gemstones as bearings?Bearing mechanical traverse the slight friction generated, which would affect the accuracy of watches time, To avoid this from happening, bearings used in the production of precious stones, which can greatly reduce the friction generated. and to increase the value of a watch, for certain forms watches But now run also increased the ornamental value.
7.I like to watch how do you not?Our channel is very extensive, as long as you would your favorite brand name and photograph us, We will find you a copy watch.
8.Our privacy will be protected?Our website customers to submit personal information will ensure that we will not disclose, Your personal information only as a payment and proof of the use of logistics.
10.What sort of movements do your Swiss replicas use? The movements used in the majority of our Swiss replicas is exclusively handcrafted by the recognized leader in Swiss-made watch movements. ETA has excelled in craftsmanship since 1793, when their first factory was set up. The 2834-2 and 2836-2 25 jewel ETA movements are used in many genuine Swiss brands such as Omega, Rolex Tudor and Patek Philippe.
For many of the Chronograph models, such as the Rolex Daytona, and Breitling Navitimer Chronographs, the engine used is the impeccable 25 jewel 7750 movement. This allows the replica to have fully automatic movement (with the second hand on the sub-dial), and fully functional stop watch chronographs, exactly like the genuine Chronographs of their respective brands. Lower grade Japanese replicas would only have Day-date-Military time chronographs, or quartz movement.
The Swiss manual wind lemania movement is also occasionally utilized for these Swiss Chronographs, such as in the Swiss Omega Speedmaster Chronograph model.
Other top grade Swiss movements are also utilized in our Swiss timepieces. Of note, the Swiss Panerai range often uses the 17 jewel incabloc Unitas ETA 6497 movement, which is a manual handwind movement. This is the exact same movement used in genuine Panerais previously, and hence further attesting to the superb quality and exacting detail of these genuine Swiss replicas.
In short : when you purchase a Swiss Grade 1A timepieces from, you can rest fully assured that your money is spent on only the finest Swiss movements, and finest materials. The timepiece that you will receive is a work of art, and exclusively and painstakingly handcrafted with great attention to detail.

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